A secure, easy to use e-payroll solution designed to automate bulk payments and salaries as well as remittances.

PayChoice for Payment is a secure, easy to use e-Payment solution designed to automate bulk payments and salaries as well as remittances. It was developed to help state governments monitor and make a wide range of payments to any designated bank account on an end-to-end, real-time, seamless basis from the comfort of their homes or offices within or outside the country with just the click of a button.

With PayChoice for Payment, state governments and corporate organizations do not have to worry about generating manual schedules for PFAs, PFCs, banks, Tax Authorities as these are automatically sent along with the payments.

Paychoice allows for the creation of different workgroup whose processes can be uniquely defined and managed independently. States usually have different workgroups also known as pay groups with distinct authorization processes and employee management. With Paychoice robust workgroup management feature, payroll officers are able to independently and seamlessly manage the various workgroups/pay-groups and separate the user functions to perform various activities on the portal.

Features of PayChoice for Payment

  • Workgroup module
  • Employee Payroll register
  • Bulk payment (Salaries)
  • Payslips issuance
  • Third party integration
  • Batch payment
  • Human resource module
  • Secured access level control


Benefits of PayChoice for Payment

  • It gives the freedom of choosing and making payments from any of its funded accounts in any bank. This allows institutions to conduct its payment activities with less reliance on the banks and enables it maintains as many bank accounts as it pleases.
  • It handles all kinds of payments ranging from Salaries, Taxes, suppliers, and Pension etc.
  • It helps in calculating deductions such as WHT, VAT and Development levies etc and automatically remit same to the relevant beneficiaries/authorities
  • Payments are done in real time and all beneficiaries are credited instantly
  • It can be specifically customized to suit any state governments’ peculiar need especially in making refunds to customers
  • All payments on can be initiated, approved and monitored at all times and at the comfort of anywhere
  • Reports are not generic. Various and specific reporting needs are met with just a click of a button.
  • It allows extraction of data seamlessly from other external applications e.g. Pension, Accounting ERP etc.
  • It reduces the pressure on your payment department, as well as overhead cost expended with the conventional payment system
  • It saves time, reduces risk and human errors.


Clientele on Paychoice for Payment

  • Ondo State
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