Specific Needs. Customized Software Solutions.

When all the off-the-shelf solutions do not meet all your needs,
it's time to consider a different approach - the Bespoke Approach.

Why opt for a customized software solution?

Every organization needs that competitive advantage to stay ahead and satisfy customers. What better way to do this than to automate your business processes with an application built from the ground up with you and your business in mind - from start to finish?

We develop scalable custom applications that integrate via APIs to varying legacy systems.

With our in-house developers and business analyst, we engage you to understand your business processes and automate it. We develop software to meet your specific needs. Our bespoke solutions are designed to meets your current needs and can expand with your growing business.

If you purchased off the shelf software, a growth in your business may mean upgrading to a different package level that greatly outpaces your corporate needs. However, with Upperlink we add new features (based on your request) that help your business adapt and grow easily.

Human Resources Management (HRM) Software

This solution manages the core information of the all personnel of the organization. Effective human resources management practices are strategic in the sense of enhancing organizations Performance by contributing to employee and customer satisfaction, innovation, productivity, and development of a favorable reputation.

Payroll Management Software

This enterprise application is a robust payroll solution facilitating employee data management which will include computing salaries, income taxes and deductions.

E-Hospital Software

Our e-hospital software designed and developed locally to fit into the needs and requirements of Hospitals in Nigeria. It is software specifically designed to operate within the complexities of the Nigerian Hospital management environment.

College Portal Software

Upperlink College Portal solution has various components which are integrated as a complete school solution. The Web Portal integrates all school’s functions into a Centralized System. The Web Portals provide basic information to the public as well as integrated and seamless tool for effective management of all the schools’ functions through a robust database.

Customized Biometric Attendance Monitoring Software

Our client required a monitoring solution to track their workers' entry and exit information from different points in their building for Human Resource Management.

E-Court Software Solution

This solution was designed to automate the processes of a court of law. It was requested for, developed for a state court and is currently actively used.

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