E-Hospital Management System

Our e-hospital software designed and developed locally to fit into the needs and requirements of Hospitals in Nigeria. It is software specifically designed to operate within the complexities of the Nigerian Hospital management environment. The solution ensures an efficient collation of Data, processing of the data into information and subsequently generating accurate and prompt report. These reports are what policy and decision makers will use to take decisions that will have far-reaching effects in the management of the Hospitals.

At the click of a button, you can get information on the following:

  • Number of patients presently on admission,
  • Daily patient discharge after treatment,
  • Patient medical history,
  • Drug inventory level in pharmacy,
  • Daily income and Bills meant for credit clients
  • Mortality etc.

The main modules of the Hospital Management System are:

Medical Reports and Records Management System (MRRMS)

This is a comprehensive database of patients and their medical histories enabling easy retrieval of information by authorized personnel.

Electronic Bills Payment System (EBPS)

This will be used for online bills settlement, online purchases of pharmaceutical/drug items, automated reminders for unpaid bills/expenses etc.

Appointment Booking System (ABS)

This module will be used to organize and schedule patient appointments for treatments / counseling with medical personnel.

Hospital Administrative systems(HOAS)

This would support the following sub modules

  • Ward management
  • Admission, discharge & Transfer
  • Patient care and relations
  • Housekeeping/ laundry/ catering
  • Insurance and contracts management

General Functionalities

  • User friendly solution
  • Fast, secured and efficient
  • Robust report system
  • Eliminates revenue loss completely
  • Ease of decision making guaranteed

Equipment Management system(EMS)

Used to monitor the state and performance of hospital equipment and resources, keep records of disposed items, acquired assets repairs and maintenance works as well as limiting the use of these resources to authorized personnel

General Content management System (GCMS)

which would facilitate information dissemination on Occasions , events , research work, health tips, clinical specialties etc.

Access control system (ACS)

Which would ensure that only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas. This might include the installation of access control doors which would be operated using specialized cards or specific biometric parameters.

Payroll and accounts Management system (PAMS)

This would allow the Finance department deal with salary and general hospital expenditure. The system would have in built statistical and analytical tools to aid budgeting, planning and reviews of the hospital’s financials