This is an acronym for Electronic Bills Payment which is a collection platform managed and operated by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc. (NIBSS) that accepts payments from customers via Internet Banking, Bank Branch, and USSD channels.

E-BillsPay is used to facilitate the payment of different Bills, Fees, Levies, Premiums, Airtime, and Subscriptions, etc. by the banking public through electronic payment channels provided and managed by Banks.


E-BillsPay Channels

Bank Branch

  • E-BillsPay Service is available across all Bank branches in the country
  • Payment for services can be done by simply walking into any Bank and requesting to pay for a service provided the receiver of such fund (Biller) has been profiled on E-BillsPay
  • Payer does not require the bank account of the service provider (Payee) to make payments.
  • A notification is received by the payer after payments have been made and a receipt generated in his favor provided all the necessary details has been made available by the payer


Internet Banking

  • Internet Banking (Mobile Apps)
  • Once a payee (Biller) details are profiled on the E-BillsPay platform, the payers can from their convenience make payments to the Biller by login into their Banks internet banking or the Banks mobile app and navigate through to E-BillsPay to make payments.



  • Payers will also be able to make payments for services and while the Biller would get value in real time via the USSD.
  • The payer simply dials *565*6*Merchant code# to initiate a payment. This would generate a drop-down menu where the payer selects the option of what he/she is paying for.
  • Kindly note that this USSD code is not Bank specific but controlled on a central switch via NIBSS and as such does not require the opening of accounts in all Banks.


Benefits of E-BillsPay

  • It provides various convenience options to receive payments
  • Timely and accurate reporting – The solution gives accurate reporting of all payments paid and processed by banks and those collected through the other collections channels.
  • E-BillsPay help to improve process efficiency as all banks will be collecting banks and the biller will receive immediate value for all payments.
  • It aids in Curbing corrupt practices i.e. under-remittance of collections or non-remittance of collections
  • Ease of Reconciliation – The biller will have online access to the transaction listing of ¬†collections paid in the banks and other payment channels
  • Settlement/Fund sweeping – The nominated billers account(s) for collections will be credited through the sweeping services rendered by NIBSS. The settlement will also be effected accordingly for all banks involved.


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