Central Billing System

Central Billing System

The Central Billing System (CBS) is a robust web-based application that generates bills for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) in a State, as well as facilitate the monitoring of revenue accruable to the respective MDA, thereby improving collections through the introduction of various payment gateways to minimize revenue shortfalls, increase human capacity efficiencies and ultimately expand the internally generated revenues of the state. The central billing system acts as a system aggregator for all revenue automation systems and individual billing services within the states’ parastatals.

As a licensed Payment Solution Service Provider (PSSP) by the Central Bank, our safe, tried and tested technology, aids the management of billing, invoicing, financial reporting, payments and settlements easy.

Features of Central Billing System

  1. Aggregation Gateway
  • Integration to Banks
  • Integration to other third parties
  1. Dashboard

iii. Multiple Payment gateway connections

  • Wallet system (Cash and Cheques)
  1. Standard and Customized reporting system
  2. Security Management
  3. Easily Centralized Backup Options


Benefits of Central Billing System

  • CBS promotes improved relationship with payees as it will drive the ease of tracing tax payments to support the dispute resolution team.
  • CBS enhances a high level of accountability and transparency
  • The turn-around time to tax payment management will be very fast, hence, promoting efficiency
  • Scratch Card Payment System: CBS provides an instant deposit service based on an e-wallet system that operates via phone and internet.
  • The CBS smart wallet payment system caters for both cash and cheque payments.
  • Report generation on CBS is efficient and accurate as it could be customized to suit the requirement of the state
  • CBS allows for an overview of the states’ tax generation performance at a glance, available to the minutest detail.
  • CBS has been designed to support self-audit of all the transactions made on the system.

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