BioChoice is an integrated android biometric solution that enables capturing and validating of user’s data by using verifiable indices such as fingerprint and NFC cards. Biochoice is a robust yet simple solution that allows for seamless integration to third-party applications for report generation and data analysis to aid management decisions.

Biochoice has been carefully designed to be time-sensitive and a critical identity assurance solution which prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to:

  • ATMs’
  • Cellular phones
  • Smart cards
  • Desktop PCs
  • Workstations
  • Computer networks


Features of BioChoice

  • Simplified dashboard
  • Data Synching
  • Time Log
  • Comprehensive reporting module
  • Role Management
  • Network Connectivity (offline or online)


Benefits of BioChoice

  • It Enhances administrative functions by providing access to user registration and assessment
  • BioChoice Provides real-time data synchronization from the biometric device to the available server for record purpose
  • It allows monitoring of user’s access to a facility per time thus enhancing security concerns in the event of unauthorized persons
  • Timestamp of all users sign in/out activities for record purposes
  • Generates reports in real time of users sign in/out activities
  • Integration of application to all Android devices
  • Ability to use NFC cards for access control
  • BioChoice works both offline and online


For more details and commercials kindly contact – +234 903 658 1855, +234 813 583 3739


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